Streaking in Suburbia #100runs100days


Anytime I go running after nightfall and the kids are in bed it feels like I am running “in the middle of the night”- even when I head out the door by a quarter till eight.

It was just another run.  But somehow it felt like an exotic affair out of some well worn book on the tao of running.  Don’t get me wrong, my run was just a quick trip around my neighborhood, not some epic run down a tantalizing trail in the middle of nowhere, or a magazine worthy jaunt in some urban locale.

I don’t spend much time with poetry.  Well any.  I prefer pictures.  Or stories.  But that run.  The mid December night was warmer than I expected, and left me to my thoughts.  The full moon lit an otherwise familiar route with an ethereal blue.  Somehow the combination of the moonlight, the quiet of the neighborhood, and the glow of Christmas lights combined to make that run something more than the prosaic description here.

Why was I out there anyway?  Some gentle ribbing from my wife, along with this nagging challenge going through my mind- 100 runs in 100 days.  I won’t reach 100 runs by March 24, but my first goal is to reach 15 runs by January 1. And hopefully a few of those runs will measure up to this one.

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